Welp, I’m down with the Plague.

It was a good run, really, but I’ve caught the Dreaded COVID-19. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Fortunately, this is 2022, not 2020, so we’re in ‘man, winter colds suck*’ territory instead of ‘I must tell you all something while I still can.’ Personally, I blame the stress of having the car almost conk out on I-95, then trying to coordinate everything.

As the above might suggest, I am neither panicking nor particularly horrified by the news. I’ve been vaccinated and boosted, which blunts the effects of this damned virus something fierce. Besides: for all I know, this is not the first time I’ve gotten the Plague. But I will be wearing a mask around the house for a while.

*Not as much as summer ones do, of course.

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