I am *so* thankful that Thanksgiving week is over.

It has been… a week. Plague, broken cars, missed vacation, kid’s birthday from Hell, my children are gonna be spending half the week keeping up their schooling from home… okay, that part is probably going to be all right. I still need a break from the break.

On the bright side: my sister-in-law responded to my appreciation of this brie cranberry pullapart bread thing with a, Did you want me to make this for Christmas? WHY YES, QUEEN OF IN-LAWS. I WOULD LIKE THAT, VERY MUCH. So I have that to look forward to in December.

2 thoughts on “I am *so* thankful that Thanksgiving week is over.”

  1. I got the virus on the 18th. Basically I lost all taste during Thanksgiving. Thankfully I’ve been virus free since Saturday and slowly getting my taste back.

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