The “I should ask my kid why this will suck” THE LAST OF US trailer.

I didn’t actually play the video game and he did, you see. So I’m unsure precisely how the premise of THE LAST OF US is going to be ridiculous. I assume it will be, because core assumptions that are okay to be implausible in video games rarely translate well into the big screen; but I just don’t know the precise details*.

*In real life those things look like they’d easily burn, bleed out, and/or not survive a dose of hard radiation. Nobody cares in a video game, because killing zombies is your job; but in a movie, the question arises, Did nobody have barbed wire, flamethrowers, and/or thermobaric weapons handy? I mean, shoot, we still remember how to make mustard gas, right? It doesn’t count as a war crime when you use them only on zombies.


2 thoughts on “The “I should ask my kid why this will suck” THE LAST OF US trailer.”

  1. The Last of Us is a video game that could actually work as a show. It was very much an interactive cinema experience. The premise is simple – a guy has to bring a girl through a monster-infested wasteland.

    This one might not suck as badly as other video game adaptations. Maybe.

  2. TBF, that “did nobody have….” question was the entire idea behind Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series.

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