RICK AND MORTY begins its unpowered dive into the upper atmosphere.

I’ve never watched the show aside from YouTube clips, mind you. What I have seen of it is very… resignedly pessimistic, I guess? So I have a certain detachment at this Rick and Morty news:

Following domestic violence allegations made against Justin Roiland, Adult Swim cut ties with the Rick and Morty co-creator and voice actor. A spokesperson shared the announcement simply saying: “Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland.”

Rick and Morty will continue, and as the announcement states, “The talented and dedicated crew are hard at work on Season 7.” The voices of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith will be recast, but there’s no word yet on who that will be.

…Yeah, I wouldn’t bother memorizing the new guy’s name. Four more seasons or not, Adult Swim undoubtedly has a way out if/when the show tanks. Do not call up that which you cannot put down, and all that.

3 thoughts on “RICK AND MORTY begins its unpowered dive into the upper atmosphere.”

  1. For Adult Swim, they’re between the devil and the deep blue sea ..

    Rick & Morty fans tend to be younger males with some spending money, and as is common in that age group, they can make lot of noise.. google Rick Morty Szechuan.

    The question is whether the post-Roiland version will appeal.. or be a target for their ire. (see also Coy and Vance Duke)

    Happily, neither my circus nor my monkeys.


    p.s. yeah, the show itself is often nihilistic dreck, but some of the ideas are pretty good… ymmv, and after the little Lanes are asleep or a’school.

  2. After hearing people rave about it for some years, I figured I’d check it out.
    So I watched the first episode.

    That was quite enough.

    Although learning that the same guy did the writing and voice-over for “High on Life” certainly explained a few things.
    (Including why I deleted it after about two hours.)

    1. The first episode is the pilot, and obviously so. They clearly had some different ideas on where Rick et al would go, several got cut after that.

      I’d suggest seeing if you can find Gotton Jerrysis Evangelion .. it’s a lousy starting point for the series but you should recognize more of what’s being pastiched and subverted.


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