Tried out FROSTPUNK today.

Am currently uncertain whether to keep playing FROSTPUNK, or uninstall it. It’s one of those constantly-ticking survival builder games, and I don’t know if I need that kind of anxiousness in my life. I have book deadlines and daily sales reports for that.

It’s very good for what it is, though. Then again, so was STELLARIS – and I’ve never found a game I’ve played more, with so little enjoyment. Hrm. Maybe that’s a hint.


4 thoughts on “Tried out FROSTPUNK today.”

  1. Try “There Outer Wilds”, instead.

    It’s one of those that you don’t want to spoil by learning much about it before going in, but I’ll give you three phrases.
    Space exploration
    Time loop
    HEAVY Ray Bradbury influence

  2. I have downloaded the Game That Can’t Be Mentioned, and when I have a game controller I shall be playing it.

    1. That game can most certainly be named, and ought to be.

      Have fun playing Hogwarts Legacy.

      I’m tempted myself, even though it’s not my type of game, and I don’t care for Harry Potter.

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