02/11/2023 Snippet, Verdict of History.

I got a little something in.

Claws of the Lion: These handsome and ornate bladed gauntlets were once owned by the legendary revolutionary Razor-Claw Singh. Originally constructed of titanium with a tungsten carbide edge, they were refurbished in 2524 AD by noted Elf-Lands artificer Anna Barbour Sáfindë. In keeping with the original owner’s beliefs, Sáfindë forbore from putting actual enchantments on the Claws themselves, contenting herself with magically cleaning and restoring them to their original state, as well as adding a silk liner to the inside of the gauntlets.

It was not until 2633 that the ruby and gold inlays were added…

A Field Guide to Unconsidered Trifles, ed. Master Golias Silverlock, OL (City of Ravens, KoV: Baen-Arkham House Publishers, 2640 AD).

One thought on “02/11/2023 Snippet, Verdict of History.”

  1. Heh. “those historical artifacts aren’t gaudy enough, let’s add to them” is … yeah, it happens a lot more than we’d like to admit.


    p.s. glaring example: the pilgrims of the 1700s were plain folk, rather like today’s Amish .. so why are they often represented with gaudy brass buckles on everything from hats to shoes, neither of which need to buckle?

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