Well, I finally went and got an author photo.


I don’t know when it’ll propagate on my Amazon author page, although I will have to go into each book and replace the image on the back cover. Which I am sure I will eventually do. Certainly I will be giving up the giraffe for books going forward.

Moe Lane

PS: I guess it doesn’t look so bad.


7 thoughts on “Well, I finally went and got an author photo.”

  1. Poor Moe.
    He has the worse of both worlds.
    He has a full head of hair, and still gets sunburn on his scalp.

    (grins impudently)

  2. A little more gray than the last picture/video I saw of you, but quite nice.

    (We’re *all* getting that way, alas)

  3. It’s not bad .. but it does seem to lack … pop.

    I think the vanilla background isn’t working. Maybe reshoot in front of something with a little more texture?


    1. Eh, it’s going to be in black and white and the end of the book. The unbroken neutral isn’t bad in that case. If he’s going to have a color dust jacket, that charges a bit, but should still mostly be neutral, with a couple points of interest. (PTerry with hat and palm frond.)

      If I were to nitpick it, my only criticism would be that self-conscious seriousness tends to “read” as mildly constipated. (Shrug) But it’s fairly minor example, and most people are uncomfortable getting their picture taken. At worst, it makes him sympathetic.

  4. Yeah – seems like a respectable author photo. It will do you no damage, and might do you some good. If you want to try to improve on it, my suggestion would be one of you smiling, naturally, in some sort of environment where you would naturally smile. Positive, but in a way that’s actually reflective of your character.

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