Movie of the Week: VIOLENT NIGHT.

The power of VIOLENT NIGHT – and what distinguishes it from many another violent/horror flick put out during Christmas – is that it really is a Christmas movie. Is it violent? Yes. Is it gory? Absolutely. In the end, will it teach a small child and her squabbling parents the true meaning of Christmas? …Huh. Actually, when you come right down to it, it kind of… does?

That was what made the movie fun, elevating it above its fellows. VIOLENT NIGHT doesn’t hate Santa Claus; it just wanted to ask the question, What if he was a battered, worn-down former baddie with a certain set of skills, and a child to protect? While still being, you know, really Santa Claus? It turns out that was a great question to ask.

Just don’t watch it in front of eight year old kids.

2 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: VIOLENT NIGHT.”

  1. This movie was FUN.

    “I’m gonna chew through these guys like a plate full of cookies”

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