Tweet of the Day, Pure Genius edition.

I don’t have daughters, mind you. That might be skewing my perceptions. I should ask my father in law about this…

Via @KarlKGallagher.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Pure Genius edition.”

  1. Um…
    I’m trying really hard to keep my daughters from becoming sociopaths.
    I really feel that this would be setting a poor example.

  2. I have no intention of cleaning my weapons when young men arrive to whisk my daughters off for a couple hours of frivolity. I will be helping my daughters clean their weapons. My wife is much scarier than I am and I expect my daughters to also outclass me in scary soon enough.

  3. As the father of one daughter…

    Nah. I don’t need the help, and it would teach her the wrong lesson. Mate selection should be optimizing for fit and long-term value, not for short-term resource extraction. It’s basically a form of penny-wise pound-foolish.

    I’d just have an in-depth discussion with the boy about who he was and what he saw in her… and if I felt that he was a poor choice, I would simply offer my daughter what insight and advice I had on the matter. If I’ve done my job right up until then, that and her own judgement should be enough.

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