6 thoughts on “‘It Was A Good Day.’”

  1. Just got Delta Green “The Conspiracy” in the mail.

    It’s bee-you-tiful.
    I’m kind of regretting not kicking in for the rest of the set.

    1. I couldn’t justify getting more than the core book* in my head. I already have the originals, and no new material was being added.

      *Well, that and the King In Yellow Tarot deck.

      1. Yeah, pretty much. Albeit mostly in pdf.

        There’s just a lot of nostalgia in physical gamebooks.
        (And Delta Green was my white whale. I saw it in the FLGS when it launched, but decided to hold off buying it until I got paid that Friday. It was, of course, gone. Along with the entire rest of the print run, so I couldn’t even special order it.)

        1. I grabbed the main book and Countdown from the Compleat Strategist when I was working in NYC during the Giuliani Rennaissance. Fifty bucks each, but I could afford it because I had a real job.

  2. How awful is that guy’s life, when all it takes is the absence of murder or police contact for a day to be declared “good”?

    I feel kind of bad for him. Not Cube, obviously, but for the person he’s representing in that song. Living so close to violence all the time probably takes some of the joy out of life.

    1. I’ve been told that sentiment is basically the foundation to “Gangsta’s Paradise”.

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