Tweet of the Day, A Confession From @DnDMovie edition.

I’m glad they came clean about this.

…My wife and I aren’t just going. We may go in garb.

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, A Confession From @DnDMovie edition.”

  1. They also publicly confessed to taking joy in “emascualting all their male characters.”

    Hard pass on the people who openly hate me.

    1. Ah. I hadn’t heard that.
      I had been trying to convince one of the spawn that she’d really like to go see this with me.
      You’ve convinced me that I’ve got better things to do with my limited entertainment budget.

    2. I found the quote. Can confirm that that’s pretty much what they said.

      Further digging suggests that basically every one of the party members here is a bit rubbish, and that the “emasculating all their male characters” was mostly part of *that*. Also, the people who expressed that joy were both male and protested repeatedly that no, really, this wasn’t a “woke” thing.

      My read is… well, it’s a hell of a word, isn’t it? So… I’d suspect that they probably don’t openly hate *you*, but they likely do quietly hate *themselves*, and it’s bled in.

      1. Good point.

        “Lovable rubbish” may be perfectly fine. The self-insertions, as you describe them, still make me question how much of that is meant to be loveable.

        But then, I never understood slapstick as a genre, so maybe this just wasn’t meant for me.

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