Patreon Microfiction: Count Your Blessings.


I’m not fond of time travel, as a rule. The ethical issues are myriad, honestly. But ‘Count Your Blessings’ is there to remind you that maybe the only worse thing than changing the past might be changing the past back.

2 thoughts on “Patreon Microfiction: Count Your Blessings.”

  1. One of my favorite time travel stories is “Split Infinity”. I think it is a stable loop (i.e the time travel already happens before the story starts), so nobody is changing history. Still, it is interesting.

  2. ‘s touching on one of my favorite man-vs-self ideas — once you know a thing, you know that thing… you cannot un-know it.

    In this instance, the denouement (time was changed) sets up the story of the character coming to terms with knowledge.

    Yes, micro fiction, so we don’t get to see this play out, but that’s also the point.


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