So, they’re going back to the Ed Norton Hulk flick.

That’s a little surprising, for Marvel. Also, weird; this is for CAPTAIN AMERICA: NEW WORLD ORDER, and while they’re bringing back Betty Ross and The Leader (that latter being a plot hook that I never expected them to reel back in), there’s no Hulk nor Abomination mentioned*. I do have to admit; this entire MCU mega-franchise is one disaster away from a collapse, or very possibly even zero disasters.

Which isn’t all that bad; I like superhero movies, and I figure I’ll keep liking them until they stop making them. Then I’ll go like something else. That’s one of the advantages of being a general fan of popcorn flicks. Easy come, easy go.

Moe Lane

*One of my favorite things about the Ed Norton THE INCREDIBLE HULK was how they put the origin story in the opening credits. Because I really didn’t want to have to yet again sit through two hours of How It Started. I’ve heard it already, thanks.

One thought on “So, they’re going back to the Ed Norton Hulk flick.”

  1. I liked it much more than the Ruffalo version.

    And it’s really hard to go wrong casting Tim Roth to be a villain.

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