Spaceship Flight Test: better than I expected, not as much as I hoped.

I watched the launch. I cheered when Starship cleared the pad, because that was the big hurdle. The farther along the big explody thing gets from the launch pad, the less you have to clean up before you test the next big explody thing. Starship got to the upper atmosphere before “rapid unplanned disassembly” occurred (I agree with a certain reader here that this phrase deserves wider use) in lieu of stage separation. Well, that’s why they test.

On to the next test! Certain parts of the Internet feel it should happen on June 9th, which admittedly would be nice. Seven weeks isn’t a bad turn-around time.

6 thoughts on “Spaceship Flight Test: better than I expected, not as much as I hoped.”

  1. This pair of vehicles are already 2-3 iteration behind the current art. The hydraulic failure, already address with electronic actuator. The fuel pump issue, already addressed. This thing is designed to be cheaply make because Elon Musk is serious about mass producing everything.

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