The Inevitable: A Doomed Arthurian Western RPG Kickstarter.

Inevitable: A Doomed Arthurian Western RPG is just what it says on the label; Arthurian, Western, and Doomed. It legitimately looks like a lot of fun to play, especially if you liked the first few books in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Last but not least: it’s ethically sourced. I explicitly checked, and the publisher indicated they’re planning to use an Estonian firm. So, no realistic chance of slave labor being used*! That’s always a plus.

Moe Lane

*God, but I hate having to ask that question.

7 thoughts on “The Inevitable: A Doomed Arthurian Western RPG Kickstarter.”

  1. Very cool.
    Too bad it’s tainted by Steven King*.

    *This is not even close to the line. I disliked him rather intensely well before he became political.
    Or before I owned St. Bernards, for that matter.

    So long as you’re bringing up KS, what are your thoughts about Knave 2e blowing up?
    (I freely admit “75 d100 tables of dungeon and terrain features” warned this grognard’s heart.

          1. I fear that you may be right.
            While I asked late last night, and it’s currently the weekend, it ought to an easy answer.
            Especially since the project hypes its environmental sensitivities in the sales pitch.

              1. Have an answerish
                They’re still taking bids, but it will most likely will be printed in the Czech Republic.

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