Patreon Microfiction: Food for Thought.


For the record: I thought of the pun in the last line of ‘Food For Thought’ when I wrote it. I offer that not as an apology, for I feel neither shame, nor remorse. Instead, I offer it as a reminder that great evil can lurk in the heart of even the most good-natured and innocent of men.

4 thoughts on “Patreon Microfiction: Food for Thought.”

  1. Dad Jokes™ as story seeds seems to be a small price to pay.

    I can’t argue with the results.

  2. I am reminded of pepsi’s navy, whose truth is weirder and more wonderful than the story normally told. In essence, Pepsi agreed to sell the USSR soda in exchange for new cargo ships (though they probably would have accepted certified pre-owned cargo ships in a pinch). I don’t know when the deal broke down, but Pepsi got some ships out of the deal.

    1. Also, we frequently see stories about humans being space orks or being the nutso mad-science tinkerers. I find “farmers and gourmands” an interesting space to think about.
      I assume that “death worlds” in this context are worlds with rich biospheres high in predators and small pest lifeforms. And that importing dogs, cats, and mosquitos is enough to render any world a “death world”

      1. That’s an interesting assumption. If you read it as more “worlds where everything died off” you may get a closer glimpse at this setting.

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