The H.P. Lovecraft: Maker of Modern Horror SPACE Module is confirmed!

I’m looking forward to attending this, next month:

H.P. Lovecraft: Maker of Modern Horror

H.P. Lovecraft revolutionized horror, modernized the Gothic, and created a 20th-century mythology explored by authors from Jorge Luis Borges to Stephen King. This module provides an overview of Lovecraft’s fiction, from his early “Dunsanian” fantasies to his later science fiction masterpieces. Along the way, it touches on Lovecraft’s life and times, his letters and criticism, and other aspects of his thought, but keeps the stories themselves central. We explore Lovecraft’s uses of settings such as “witch-haunted Arkham,” techniques including the near-hoax and “adventurous expectancy,” and his great theme of “cosmic indifference.”

…especially since Ken Hite’s going to be teaching it. There’s still space available: it’ll be on Thursdays in July, from 5-7 PM Eastern Time. It should be a blast and a half.