UFOs? …Ehhhhh?

I am… skeptical. News Nation is also skeptical. They also put this up, so there’s that.

I’ve never heard of them, but News Nation doesn’t look like a fly-by-night. I mean, it’s not three guys with a green screen. On the balance, I still don’t buy the story — extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and Dan’s point here is valid — but this seems like a legitimate step up in the conspiracy theorizing.

…I wonder what’s actually going on.

5 thoughts on “UFOs? …Ehhhhh?”

  1. So many conspiracy theories have been proven correct over the past few years, that you knew it was eventually going to be Art Bell’s turn.

    And… I’m not certain I’m being sarcastic.

  2. They always trot these guys out when they need a distraction from something else. Teh Rulez restrict further commentary.

  3. The fastest speed in the universe is the speed of light at 186,000 miles per second. At this speed it would take 4 years to do a flyby of our nearest neighbor, a star named Proxima Centauri. If you wanted to stop there it would take 8 years assuming you spent half the time slowing down.

    The fastest man-made object ever is the Helios 2 probe with a speed of 157,000 mph or 43 miles per second. Traveling at this speed, it would take 17,000 years for a flyby of Proxima or 34,000 years to stop and visit.

    If there were aliens exploring the galaxy, one would think they would be in a more dense area, not in the Orion Spur some 25,000 light years from the galactic core. Alas, we are alone.

    1. The fastest speed of which we are aware.
      (Shrug) The profligate use of “dark matter” and “dark energy” alongside the assertion that these placeholders comprise most of the universe’s mass strongly suggest that our models are incomplete or badly flawed.

      Granted, I think the whistleblower is FOS (or was deliberately and systematically misled).

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