Now that it’s over: what a remarkably painless root canal.

I was ready to have them just extract the dang thing, but this new dentist I have was remarkably efficient about it all. No pain for the root canal part, no problems with the temporary crown, and getting the permanent one today was a simple procedure. Cheap, too: as in, one-third the cost from fifteen years ago (which is when my wife had one done). It’s even within walking distance – and no, I don’t know why I didn’t start going there years ago, either.

Barring unforeseen circumstances… this could have gone so much, much worse.

7 thoughts on “Now that it’s over: what a remarkably painless root canal.”

  1. Probably less painful than trying to do the Ilos Trench Run at the end of Mass Effect without a Mako, and then discovering that your last save point was several missions back. I thought that ledge was a hint that I was supposed to leave the stupid car behind.

  2. Congrats on a short, painless and less expensive than expected procedure. Glad it is over with, and not trying to start a pissing contest here, but it sure beats the root canal I had about 15 years ago where the dentist broke the drill off in the root and never got it out. And yes, that was just as much fun as you imagine.

    God, I love modern dentistry.

  3. Got one crown.
    Milled right in the office, while I was in the chair.

    Cut off the old dead stuff, take some scans, start the computer driven milling machine … wait a while … install the crown.

    Longer appointment but no temporary and no second appointment.

    Wasn’t much more expensive, as I recall.

    Dentist only had the machine for a couple months before he changed practices, I never saw it again. (I also never needed it again, so …)


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