Tweet of the Day, He Knew What He Was Getting Into… edition.

…I say, let him drown.

Yes, it’s an AIRPLANE! reference. At the same time, though: this guy wants to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a giant hamster wheel, or die trying (if allowed to do so, he will die trying). He has attempted this on multiple occasions. I do not think he is going to stop trying. Either put him in a mental institution*, or let him go.

I will compromise to the extent of agreeing that he should put up a bond to defray the costs of collecting his corpse, assuming that he doesn’t drown in international waters. If he does drown in international waters, how is that our problem? His floating wheel-coffin will likely sink, soon enough.

Moe Lane

PS: What? No, I haven’t had my coffee yet. Why do you ask?

*Which would be more difficult than you might think, to be sure.


3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, He Knew What He Was Getting Into… edition.”

  1. That was more or less my take.
    What part of “It’s a free country” is lost on people nowadays?

    His decision is stupid.
    But he isn’t harming anyone.
    Leave the poor bleepard alone.
    The Coast Guard offering him assistance was good.
    The Coast Guard arresting him when he refused the assistance, was not.

  2. If he can get satellite wifi let someone counsel him remotely, but don’t spend any money for a facility.
    Unless they have behavioral facilities under the sea. Then he can swim for one. /sarc

  3. Absent harm to others, Do as you wish.
    Harm others, there will be few warnings, and serve consequences.

    *Note, in my autocratic utopia, comprising the public space is a harm, so graffiti, jet skis, unmuffled motorcycles, and car radios audible through walls call for death.

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