This point on Unity-based digital piracy is spot-on.

Under this model Unity is touting, illegal downloads of games using Unity will cause their developers to lose money directly and you would be stealing from them and you can no longer say to anyone in this world or the next that you had never been told.

2 thoughts on “This point on Unity-based digital piracy is spot-on.”

  1. The sad part? The part that’s going to really hurt?

    This is the prelude.

    We’re going pell mell into a “monetize everything!” phase, economically.


  2. Unity now has incentive to encourage, or even enable, piracy.
    They can drive their clients into bankruptcy and seize their IP, all without lifting a finger.

    On the bright side, maybe this abuse is so flagrant that the courts will stop letting powerful companies egregiously violate Contract Law by abusing Copyright Law.
    If there’s any sense of Justice left in the justice system, anyway.

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