The WEREWOLVES UNEARTHED ‘Documentary’ trailer.

I’m sorry, but there aren’t any such things as werewolves. Particularly in Pennsylvania. If there were, and they went around menacing people, then there would be shortly be a lot of dead werewolves in Pennsylvania.

And don’t bother telling me that only silver bullets would work. I get that. I also get that Pennsylvania is full of people who shoot, hand-load their ammo, and subscribe to the theory that caches of gold and silver are fine things to have in case of a breakdown in civil order. Given that a werewolf invasion would qualify as one; in that case they’re not even wrong, are they?

Still, it looks like a good little flick for October.

One thought on “The WEREWOLVES UNEARTHED ‘Documentary’ trailer.”

  1. You do know your Pennsylvanians, Good Sir.

    To give those of you unfamiliar with the Keystone state an idea of what he is talking about, I spent my undergrad years in a forestry fraternity. There were 46 of us in that house (45 from PA and a Florida Man) and we averaged 2.5 firearms per person on any given day. If you were counting non-gunpowder weapons (bows, crossbows, air guns , slingshots, blow guns, tomahawks, an atlatl and my blades), it was about 4 weapons per person. And 3 or 4 of those people reloaded their ammo, so no problem making silver bullets.

    The thought of a werewolf SEASON would have caused rioting when it came time to buy the licenses.

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