A mixed bag today on the book sales front.

On the one hand: the ride there was busier than expected, the ride back was hellish*, we had to dump our existing dinner plans entirely, and while I barely sold enough books to make my table fee, said fee was effectively thirty bucks. Oh, and something didn’t happen that I thought might happen. I’m not sure we’re going to vendor these kinds of venues in the future.

On the bright side: the McRib’s back!

Moe Lane

*’Pull the car over and pee at the side of the road’ hellish. I also almost broke my ankle getting out of the car, and wouldn’t that have put a cap on the day.

3 thoughts on “A mixed bag today on the book sales front.”

  1. Every Vehicle Emergency Kit I put together has a Wide Mouth Jug.
    With a screw top. That part is very important.
    Almost as important as WIDE.

    Powerade works, if you don’t mind brand-dropping.

    1. I apparently have lost my childhood ability to bio in a bottle (my parents would do eight-hour trips to Boston). This was… disconcerting.

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