04/20/2024 Snippet, FLIM-FLAM MAN.

Gregor may have made a bit of a mistake.

Not bad, he decided as he left the squalid little shop behind him. That little performance probably got me the from-around-here rate. Or at least the not-worth-robbing rate. A lot of places in the Twenty Realms saw solitary travelers as easy meat, and the worst ones meant that literally. Camiron didn’t feel that bad, but there was no sense in looking for trouble —

A shout from an alleyway ahead of him, followed shortly by a scream, reminded Gregor that trouble didn’t actually need to be searched for. Sometimes, it was going to show up, right in front of you.

Gregor was very good at calculating odds, and he worked them through as he ran to the alleyway. There probably wouldn’t be more than two attackers, this wasn’t a town so rich that the bravos wore chainmail, and he had a staff. If he was wrong about the first two considerations, he could always run. If he wasn’t, they probably had stuff in their pockets. Nobody minded when you robbed a cutthroat. It was funny!

A part of him still seemed a little taken back about actually involving himself in a fight, but Gregor ignored that. Sometimes you had to play the odds a little. Bet bigger, win bigger.

3 thoughts on “04/20/2024 Snippet, FLIM-FLAM MAN.”

  1. Wait, is this a story about a con man who ends up in service of a benevolent deity? Or, in more “The Postman” fashion, who ends up in “service” of a “benevolent deity” that he makes up and gets away from him?
    More urgently, I approve of robbing cutthroats.

  2. Actually, if Gregor has a staff then the thugs wearing chainmail might very well improve his odds. As I recall, chainmail is said to do a good job of letting blunt force trauma through. 🤔

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