The next day

“We’re running out of time, sir.” Dallin was keeping it respectful, which Tabetha decided was smart of him. Rex hadn’t gone to the ‘vicious bastard’ school of war, but nobody likes to be told they gotta do things they don’t want to do. 

Especially when one of your junior officers’ doing it, she decided. Bet he never saw that happen, before the Scourging. He was hiding it real well, but Tabetha could read the signs.

“I’m as concerned about time as you are, Dallin,” Rex responded. “We’re already pushing up the schedule for when we leave to attack Purty, to two weeks from now. What’re your reasons for making it one?” The heck of it was, he actually sounded interested to hear if Dallin had any.

Dallin didn’t hesitate, bless him. “We hit that raiding party too hard, sir. They didn’t just want slaves, they wanted to find out things. Now they’re gonna to find out that if they send out a few guys to Wells, they ain’t coming back. So they’ll send a lotta guys, next time. And they have magic gear now, at least a little.” He shook his head. “I don’t think they’re gonna get weaker, sir. The faster we boot them in the head, the better.”

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  1. …. the worst thing for a smart subordinate is a boss who won’t hear… and the worst thing for a smart boss is subordinates accustomed to a dumb boss…..


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