Yeah, a new title really is needed.

“What’s the problem, Hey-You? …That’s still me asking, not scoffing. I figure if you’re worried, there’s a reason.”

Rex stood up from the meeting table, and stood before an old map of Deseret. It didn’t have as much information as they’d like on it — people didn’t exactly stop by Wells to chat, and snakes can’t read or write — but it still showed every place north of Seventy Road and east of the Bonneville Flat that at least had a Dominion garrison. There were far too many of ‘em, not that anybody had asked Tabetha her opinion. 

“I’m glad Burning Brand’s dead. He was vile, cruel, and ruthless. He did horrible things when he took… the capital. Even worse ones, as Viceroy. The worst part was, he didn’t even care. His atrocities were carved from ice and indifference. He was a monster of the first order.” For a moment, Rex was clearly somewhere else, and Tabetha’s fingers clenched, looking for a sword-hilt that wasn’t there. Wherever he had gone in his head, it was no place to travel alone.

But he gathered himself. “The problem is, Burning Brand was a smart monster. He knew just how hard to squeeze the towns and cities. A lot, but not enough that they’d decide to die on their feet — or at least, not before that would be more convenient for the Universal Dominion anyway.” Rex shrugged. “The word is, he was forced to take a slow poison. He must have really infuriated the Supreme Archmage with his system.”