Tweet of the Day, There’s A Story In There edition.

One I don’t have time to write.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, There’s A Story In There edition.”

  1. So most modern ghosts would be the victims of gangland hits ordered by gang bosses beyond the reach of the law and hit men who would have to become experienced at countering ghosts in order to stay professional hit men for very long? 🤔

    1. A professional assassin who needs to be able to manage both the cops *and* any spiritual retribution…

      …and that’s the other side of it, because the real professionals have gotten savvier about what it takes to avoid generating those angry dead.

  2. Since ghosts are traditionally tied to the location of their death, and murdering someone without their awareness is rather the point of professional assassins, I don’t think that’s the angle to approach it from.

    Better, I think, to focus on the tragedies of the inner cities.
    Among these, turf wars between gangs has a lot of potential. The angry ghosts who own your “turf” demand vengeance, and they’re not exactly picky about the target. But appeasing the demand creates a vicious and escalating cycle…

    1. That’s when you hire a specialist to put the ghosts on the other side to rest, while “appeasing” your own ghosts.

      Then the specialist begins to wonder why the job isn’t getting the expected level of resistance from the locals…

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