The properly absurd WOLFS trailer.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I’m inclined to like WOLFS from the get-go. Assuming the script is good, I’ll happily watch Clooney and Pitt spend two hours playing off of each other. Automatic weapons fire and a movie fully aware of its own absurdity are merely welcome add-ons.

Also: the title is rather good, isn’t it? It’s definitely ‘wolfs,’ in this case. Absolutely not ‘wolves.’ They’d both insist on that.

3 thoughts on “The properly absurd WOLFS trailer.”

  1. As much as I hate the grammar, I have to admit it’s well chosen.

    It looks like a movie I would have been interested in, back when I was still interested in movies. (Shrug) I got tired of being disappointed. It took a long time for my givadamn to burn out, but it’s well and truly gone.

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