Edgar Wright wants to do a RUNNING MAN movie that is not like the RUNNING MAN movie.

Which… maybe makes sense? I think it was Harlan Ellison who panned the RUNNING MAN movie in general, with the single shining exception of Richard Dawson (whoever it was argued that Dawson absolutely should have gotten Best Supporting Actor that year for his pitch-perfect performance). It’d be interesting to see something that was closer to what Stephen King actually wrote in the first place.

On the other hand, the King story in question isn’t… very good. The bad guys are pretty much paint-by-numbers, and so is the dystopia. They’ve been predicting blood sports and ecological collapse in North America for pretty much my entire lifetime, and it’s yet to happen. It’s yet to come close to happening. I dunno: maybe Edgar Wright can come up with something that draws from the source material, while still compensating for its flaws.

And maybe he can’t.


3 thoughts on “Edgar Wright wants to do a RUNNING MAN movie that is not like the RUNNING MAN movie.”

  1. Thought that movie was great when it came out as I was a kid. Watched it few years ago, surprised by what it got right such as wide screen TVs, “reality” television, and digital modification for creating fake news.

  2. “Death Race 2000”… lots of cheap 1960s dystopian stuff…

    It’s a common but woefully narcissistic viewpoint – “someone like me gets hunted, how awful!” – like that’s the worst thing evar!

    It’s hardly the worst I can imagine..


  3. Eh. I was meh about King long before he became a political clown. So something deviating from his original story is cause for guarded optimism.

    I haven’t read his “Running Man”, but I’m reasonably certain I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I enjoyed the movie.

    I did make the mistake of reading “Apt Pupil” after watching the excellent movie loosely based on it.
    Don’t do that.

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