Tweet/PSA of the Day, Do Not Mess With The Local Tribal Gods* edition.

Particularly on the evening before the summer solstice. I mean, technically the actual Midsummer’s Day is a matter of some interpretation, but still. The point is, if you’re going to do this sort of thing you’d better hope that the universe really is a vast mechanistic conglomeration of blind physical forces that lacks any sort of metaphysical Powers; because if it is not, you’re kind of screwed.

Moe Lane

*To quote Harry Flashman: it ain’t lucky.


3 thoughts on “Tweet/PSA of the Day, Do Not Mess With The Local Tribal Gods* edition.”

  1. On the one hand, I am alive in Christ so I need not fear what gods of stone or wood can do.
    On the other hand, they claim they are doing it to save the planet. Maybe the makers of Stonehenge really were worshiping nature spirits.
    On the gripping hand, “I have walked the earth for 40,000 years. When I first found your ancestors there was ice a mile thick where you now stand. You think a warmer planet will harm me? Foolish mortal! For your blasphemy, I shall turn you into a greenland shark near some Icelanders. Enjoy becoming hakarl.”

  2. Jail them onsite.
    In a cage of wicker.
    Shaped like a man.
    Stack lots of firewood nearby.

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