I dunno if I need to fix ads, or just take them off.

I don’t think Google AdSense is working properly – in the sense that I’m not getting paid for any of them – on this site. On the other hand, maybe everybody has an adblocker up. On the gripping hand: do I even need them? I mean, yes, because every dime is a dime that can go towards publishing more books, but this site doesn’t get the traffic it did before Facebook ate everything, so I’m not sure the juice is worth the squeeze. I dunno what the smart play here is.

7 thoughts on “I dunno if I need to fix ads, or just take them off.”

  1. Well, we’ve certainly been seeing them. This is the first time I’ve gone to comment in quite awhile without a having to click through a full page pop up.

    1. I was finding the click-thru ads annoying… and not just here at Moe’s.

      I would be interested in discussing a premium ad-free service option.


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