The “I am mildly professionally miffed” ALIEN: ROMULUS trailer.

It’s not about ALIEN: ROMULUS the movie, which looks like it’s going to be a ‘unprepared young adults meet aliens and die horribly’ horror flick. That’s fine. We do those flicks all the time.

No, what bothers me is the blithe assumption that the megacorporation that spent all that time and money to put things in space is going to just chuckle vaguely when some alien monstrosity starts squatting in them. And eating people. Do you have any idea how long it takes to properly train somebody for space-related jobs? Here’s a hint: it costs more than effective body armor, accurate firearms, and armor-piercing rounds. Two weeks of training a year would make the difference between a functional research lab, and an acid-sodden wreck.

Dear Lord, now there’s a movie concept: a claims adjuster specializing in Xenomorph attacks. Because even if the megacorps somehow don’t care, you can bet the insurance agencies will…

3 thoughts on “The “I am mildly professionally miffed” ALIEN: ROMULUS trailer.”

  1. I could see that popping up in Larry Correia’s Tom Stranger stories.

    Alien and Aliens were great. Everything since has ranged from meh to WTF. The franchise? It’s dead, Jim.

  2. … claims adjuster for xenomorph attacks who is trying to adjust for a xenomorph attack in real time.

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