…I’m not even going to dignify the FISTFUL OF DOLLARS / TIME BANDITS remakes with a response.

You can see the news for A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS here and the trailer for TIME BANDITS here. I will say only this: Taika Waititi needs to go sit in a corner, and think about what he has done. And maybe watch the original TIME BANDITS again, to see all the Christian subtext that Terry Gilliam put in there, probably without even realizing it.


4 thoughts on “…I’m not even going to dignify the FISTFUL OF DOLLARS / TIME BANDITS remakes with a response.”

  1. …. given all of the new material Taika Waititi could have optioned and really done something with… wby remake old stuff badly?


  2. Simple: The Man With No Name becomes The Woman With No Name. All male characters are sidelined. One family of Bad Guys are oil barons, destroying the environment for evil profit. The other family practices a strict form of Christianity that frowns on sinful behavior, and by “frowns” I mean, “shoots guns at it”.

    Between these two unpleasant families comes the Woman With No Name, ready to dispense Social Justice with her Model 1848 Colt Dragoons.

    Kathleen Kennedy should be on board to produce, now that Star Wars is a shriveled, thoroughly corrupt husk of putrescent garbage. Taika Waititi can direct, because that might as well happen.

  3. The guy saying “return the map” appeared to be Poseidon/Neptune, so I’m guessing not a lot of Christian subtext.

    Although I guess it’s good that Lisa Kudrow is still managing to monetize her ability to play Phoebe Buffay. Keeps her off the dole, anyway.

  4. When I first heard of the PC “diverse” remake of Time Bandits, I rolled to disbelieve.
    But clown world just couldn’t leave it at that.

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