Rant of the Day, It Looks Like A Freaking U To ME edition. (Gladiator II)

It is rare that I stop a trailer halfway through to declaim, This is some bull[expletive deleted], but GLADIATOR II managed the job.

That’s a damned ‘U!’ It’s not going to show up for another thousand years! Also, Numidia was a fully-integrated province of the Roman Empire, just like the rest of North Africa during this time period. The Romans weren’t conquering the region at this point of time! Many of them were from there!

…Right. Anyway, here’s the trailer. This was the bonkers original sequel treatment that they passed over, lo, these many years ago. I submit to you that they choose poorly.

One thought on “Rant of the Day, It Looks Like A Freaking U To ME edition. (Gladiator II)”

  1. I still want to watch it because there are gladiator fights. I don’t care about the plot. A bunch of gladiator fights stitched together with something resembling a plot will be sufficient.

    Yes, I admit I should be more resentful. But gladiator fights, even without a historically accurate plot, are still gladiator fights.

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