Looking for MD bookstores for book signings!

I spent the morning making calls, where I could (a lot of bookstores aren’t open on Mondays). I did get one strong possibility for next spring (expected), and another “we’re actually talking about doing this; sign up for our newsletter and get back in touch with us if you don’t hear from us by February*” nibble. The only people who said ‘no’ were from the chain bookstore, and I didn’t expect a ‘yes,’ so cold calling actually worked out better than I feared.

Still: if there’s a bookstore or gaming store in MD that does book signings, and is no more than an hour or so away from Howard County, let me know.

Moe Lane

*It’s a new-and-used RPG store, so signing up for the newsletter is actually something I want to do.

It’s Cyber Monday!

If you’re buying stuff via Amazon, feel free to use this link. Or, if you don’t like me, find somebody who you do like, and use their Amazon Affiliate link. I can assure that, whoever it is, they will be happy to get the money. It’s not like the halcyon days of the Oughts, but that Christmas-time bounce is still welcome, yes, very welcome indeed.

(PS: I also have a wish list. Just in case there are family members looking at this site, or something.)


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

We had a good, and reasonably quiet time here. A good sit-down dinner, a judicious amount of leftovers, and the satisfaction of getting some chores done and squared away. I also did some paperwork on the self-publishing front, so at least now I have a pretty good idea about how many books I’ve actually moved at this point. More than I thought, honestly.

Back to normal tomorrow. And, hey, Christmas! That’ll be fun.

Tweet of the Day, It’s An Ill Wind edition.

NaNoWriMo is probably going to go down in flames. Ach, well. I needed to write a proper outline for DIG TWO GRAVES anyway. Meanwhile…

Just caught the first episode of MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS.

It’s pretty good! There was a decent amount of monsters in the first episode, and hopefully there’ll be more. MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS looks like it was designed for my aesthetic in general, since I’m down with weird science, Atomic Age paranoia, jumping back and forth in the timeline, and of course giant monsters. It’s also got some good casting, too. I particularly like how they got Kurt Russell’s kid to play the younger version of Kurt Russell’s character. He’s not a spitting image of his dad, quite – but he sounds like him, which is what whas needed.

Check it out, if you have Apple Plus.