Oh, God. The DELTA GREEN: THE CONSPIRACY Kickstarter is going to be painful.

The DELTA GREEN: THE CONSPIRACY Kickstarter is going to be the 25th anniversary edition of the original DELTA GREEN setting, and the question is: how many minutes before it gets funded? My only hope — MY ONLY HOPE — is that the stretch goals and higher tiers involve stuff I’ve already bought, because it’s gonna have all new art and layout and they’ll clean up some of the details and… look. There’s a reason why my copy of the first edition is probably worth at least five hundred bucks. And it’s well-used.

The night at the opera starts 08/09.

I wonder at the Lovecraftian overtones of LEGEND OF WOOLEY SWAMP.

So I’m discussing 1950s horror comics with my wife – like you do – and I was telling her about one I read that involved confidence men who got hold of Confederate treasury currency plates and started forging Confederate money for the antiquities trade. They got caught, they killed the guy who caught them, his ghost (I think) killed them, etc. etc. And she goes Isn’t there a Charlie Daniels song about an old evil guy who got robbed of his jars of money and then his ghost killed the robbers, and you can still hear their screams and his laughter?

And I said, Well, there’s an HP Lovecraft story called “The Terrible Old Man” which is about an old evil guy with talking bottles who some people tried to rob, and then they disappeared because he pretty obviously killed them with magic.

Turns out we were both right. Here, read and listen for yourself.

Legend of Wooley Swamp, Charlie Daniels

It’s not a one-to-one correspondence, but I’m pretty sure Charlie at least read that story once. I say that without criticism, mind you. Inspiration is where you find it.

Doctor stuff today.

Nothing very serious, although next week I get to have them fix my hernia. Because that’s what you get when you get to be my age: old-people diseases. I’m already taking the over-50 vitamins, and isn’t that fun.

I know, I know. Being in your fifties in 2021 is nothing like being in your fifties in 1921, or even 1971. I have decades left in me. But pretty soon college students will stop being one-half my age, and start being one-third. Yay! …I’ll stop now.

So the next novel I’m working on after TINSEL RAIN will be…

…GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND. This was originally a short story that I did a few months ago for my Patreon, only I think it could make for a decent novel. It is absolutely not set in the Fermi Resolution universe, but it does draw from my Unfiltered SF-horror RPG setting. I’ve put a little bit below.

God knows when it’s getting published, mind you. But at least I’ll have put in the writing for proper exploitation later.


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Picture of the Day, How DOES The Two Trees Thing Work, Anyway? edition.

I have spent forty years trying to visualize how the Light of Valinor in the Silmarillion worked. Which is why I’m not upset that they put the Two Trees together; sure, it doesn’t visualize what Tolkien was thinking, but what can? I can almost guarantee that the man did not waste a single moment on worrying about how tough some poor bastard would find it to actually put some of this stuff up on the screen.

It definitely looks pretty, though.

My new illustrated chapbook DECISIONS will have a 2021 3Q release.

Four stories, with original illustrations by Ben Fleuter. This book will stay at the $2.99 price point that I’ve established for the other chapbooks. No art yet, because that’s still in progress (I hope to have this ready in September, too, but no promises). DECISIONS will be mostly fantasy, although there is one straight-up horror story in it. Keep watching the skies! And buying my books!