An update to Warner Todd Huston’s Colorado outrage.

If you haven’t read it yet, read it here.

Yup. Threatening a kid for having fake gun-shaped items used for rifle drills. Fascinating how these people think, huh?

The principal for Cherokee Trail High School is Brooke Gregory. S/he could very well be not yet fully aware of this situation: give him/her a call at 720-886-1904 and politely inquire.

The Superintendent for the Cherry Creek School System is Marie Chesley, and she would no doubt like this problem to go away. You can reach her at 303-773-1184 – just to make sure, though.

The Congressman for CO-07 is Ed Perlmutter (D). Call him up at 202-225-2645 and ask him if he supports the expulsion of students trying to do rifle drills. If you live in the District, his number there is 303.274.7944.

Mark Udall (D) is the senior Senator for Colorado. Call him at 202-224-5941 (877-768-3255 if you’re from Colorado) and ask him the same question, assuming that you can get through from all the people screaming about how we’re about to pass a trillion dollar debt bill. On the other hand, they’d probably be ecstatic to have something less minefield-like to work on, at this point.

Michael F. Bennet (D) is the junior Senator for Colorado. Call him at 202-224-5852; if/when you get through, be sure to ask whether he would have sanctioned this when he was running the Denver school system.

…And that’s all that I can think of, under the circumstances.

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Wii ownership is not unknown among my readership…

…What? No, both sides of it, actually. Anyway.  Codemaster‘s  Overlord: Dark Legends. Coming out in June for the Wii. Are people pumped for this? I have to admit, I’m seriously contemplating buying its predecessor solely on the strength of the author of the storyline; she’s a British author named Rhianna Pratchett.


So, anybody who’s played these games: are they worth picking up?

Moe Lane

Rahm Emanuel’s creative income calculations.

Here we go again…

I read with some interest (via the Corner’s Mark Hemingway) the report that Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel never paid rent on his five year stay with Congresswoman DeLauro, who just happens to be married to a pollster…

The White House chief of staff said this week that he did not pay rent during the five years he bunked at the Capitol Hill home of Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn). But that raises questions whether Emanuel reported the rent-free lodging to Congress, since DeLauro is married to pollster Stan Greenberg. And will either of the parties report what could be “imputed income” to the IRS? Reps for Emanuel and DeLauro argue that House Ethics rules allow “hospitality between colleagues.”

…who also just happens to be the Chairman of a polling company that had Rep. Emanuel and the DCCC as clients.  As you can see, they’re claiming that this wasn’t a commerical transaction at all – and thus not taxable, which is suddenly a burning issue among Obama staffers.  You can believe as much of that as you like, of course: for my own part, I take this as an indication that maybe John Edwards was right all along.  Maybe there really are two Americas: there’s the America where people pay their taxes and disclose their income without engaging in undue shenanigans, and then there’s the America that Democratic politicians live in.  Speaking as someone who lives in the first America, let me make the denizens of the second one aware of something: we tolerate this sort of thing only when times are good.

Times are not good.

Moe Lane

PS: Please, by all means: try the “but it was technically legal!” defense.  That always works so well with people who don’t have a Congressman’s influence and pull.

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Cheney’s retirement lair is at…

…the “exotic monster pet” stage of development? Excellent. Although why he only wants one face-slapping, Greenpeace-eating, narcotrafficante-disrupting giant Colombian snake is beyond me completely. I know that Rumsfeld is letting Cheney crash at his place until the new digs are ready: possibly he doesn’t have the room?

Moe Lane



Lake Worth, FL City Commissioner coordinating breaking the law.

Some background:

Two get jail time for FPL protest

WEST PALM BEACH — The activists claimed they acted in good conscience, linking themselves together with chicken wire and PVC pipe at Florida Power & Light’s planned West County Energy Center to raise awareness of the devastating effects they contend the plant will have on the environment.

Panagioti Tsolkas, Lynne Purvis and five other environmentalists with Everglades Earth First! faced a judge Monday afternoon for their penalty after jurors in December convicted them of unlawful assembly, trespassing and resisting an officer without violence misdemeanors.

For those wondering, the West County Energy Center project involves power generation via natural gas – which is a touchy subject for eco-freaks like Earth First!, given that it’s sufficiently cleaner than coal or oil to make it harder for EF! to inflict their bizarre religious views on the rest of us. Hence the protest; hence the arrests; and hence the jail time. Happy ending, right?

Well… yes, although these particular people are going to be aided in their further lawbreaking by an elected official: Lake Worth, FL City Commissioner (and Green Party member) Cara Jennings.
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