You know, I could have cared less about the Obama jacket thing…

…but apparently this infuriated the Left, to the point where they came up with a slideshow (the link’s to memeorandum: I don’t feel like giving a pro-torture site like HuffPo the traffic).

Anyway, 779 comments and counting about the fact that Bush apparently got his picture taken when his suit jacket was off, too.  Angry, bitter, clingy comments, at that. Wow.  Don’t these people have lives?

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Just a reminder: Geithner’s tax problem wasn’t less* than Daschle’s.

He was merely first in the queue:

Despite the fact that Geithner sailed through the confirmation process—while Daschle went up in flames—Geithner’s tax troubles were actually far more egregious. People tend to give Geithner a pass, because the overall amount he owed was smaller and it just involved Social Security and Medicare, rather than income tax. But Geithner actually acknowledged years ago that he owed the taxes—but didn’t pay them until he was nominated for the Treasury job. That hardly counts as a mistake.

Daschle, for his part, failed to count as income the value of a car and driver he received from a New York private-equity firm, InterMedia Advisors, during 2005-2007. He also overstated charitable contributions and understated income from InterMedia, which paid him $1 million a year. Daschle filed amended tax returns last month reporting $128,203 in additional taxes and $11,964 in interest. The revised tax returns were submitted after President Obama announced that he intended to nominate Daschle to be secretary of Health and Human Services.

Geithner’s situation was nonetheless a bigger ethical lapse. As an employee of the International Monetary Fund in 2001 and later years, Geithner was responsible for sending a check to the IRS to cover his own payroll taxes. He didn’t do so. What he did do was submit a request to the IMF for reimbursement of those taxes. And he collected.

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My own thoughts about Mark Kilmer.

I will not be able to match the words written by Pejman or Erick – and I don’t even want to try, really: I am very comfortable with having them speak for me in this matter. But I do wish to add one thing. When I heard of the circumstances of Mark’s passing from this life, I was reminded of what VP Thomas Marshall said of Teddy Roosevelt:

Death had to take him sleeping- if he had been awake there would have been a fight.

Because that’s just how Mark rolls.

Note tense.

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The Solis/White House emergency tapes have come to light!

You’ve lost another submarine, Andrei*?

Andrew Malcolm seems determined to point out that, yeah, there are still opportunities for political humor in this country, even if Obama did get elected. His spoof of the flight 1549 tapes (utilizing Obama’s latest exercise in flubbed vetting) is a case in point. We join the narrative as Hilda Solis explains her tax situation to the White House: Continue reading The Solis/White House emergency tapes have come to light!

Huh. I almost never use cash, either.

Rand Simberg makes an excellent point: it’s hard to stamp “Tax Cheat” on every dollar bill with Geithner’s signature on it that you’ll see in the future if you don’t actually use dollar bills in the first place.

I mean, soda machines and strip clubs are pretty much everything that you need dollars for these days; and I don’t use either.  Not that I’m especially virtuous; I’m just kind of a cheapskate.

Man, the future just sneaks up on a person, sometimes.

I have a friend in a band that does a version of this one.

I’m biased, but I think that Mike’s band (The Stone Soup Band) does a better job. That’s off of Free Night in Dublin, which I’ve been listening to for years, and… hey! New album! That’s going up on the Wish List.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, if you have any kind of musical ability, an interest in actual traditional/folk music, and decent recording facilities, put some songs up on YouTube.  It’s begging for the attention.

Well, so *what* if kids can’t hunt for fossils?

The Democrats are trying to pass a public lands bill here. Besides, fossil enthusiasts are too small a group to be worth any consideration past the minimum. From CQ (no link, sorry):

A public lands bill on its way to the House floor is meeting resistance from an unlikely constituency: amateur fossil hunters.

The bill (S 22), which encompasses dozens of measures to expand national park and wilderness areas, includes language that would impose criminal and civil penalties on people who take fossils from federal lands. But Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, opposes the provision so much that he is rallying opposition to the bill.

“I’m only asking that this section be stripped out,” said Culberson, who is concerned about its impact on casual collectors. Culberson himself is an amateur fossil hound who once discovered a wolf jaw from the Ice Age. “They’re going to destroy the hobby of fossil collecting,” he said.

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“Scaring people is not leadership.”

Marvel at the day: here is Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) beating President Barack Obama (D) with a club that I didn’t even know he had any more. As Allahpundit notes, there’s something weird about seeing Graham and Michelle Malkin using the same language. And me, come to think of it: the President is fear-mongering. I wonder why?

“If this is bipartisanship, count me out.” No, you haven’t entered into another dimension where Bobby Jindal has a beard: he really said that. Strange days, huh?

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