Book of the Week: Mindstar Rising.

Peter Hamilton’s near-future, somewhat cyberpunk techno-thriller Mindstar Rising is the first book of a trilogy, but it’s a good trilogy, so that’s all right.  You’re probably going to roll your eyes at the global warming stuff — it was written in 1993, and Hamilton assumed that right about now climate change would have gotten so bad that the United Kingdom would have been taken over by a bunch of filthy Stalinist Commies* — but it’s a good thriller and the computer tech holds up pretty well.  The psionic stuff, not so much, but that’s how it goes. Continue reading Book of the Week: Mindstar Rising.

Book of the Week: The Monuments Men.

Ended up never seeing the movie, but Robert Edsel’s The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History was a good read. And, to be fair: rescuing Europe’s stolen masterpieces was a genuine mitzvah. The Nazis would have destroyed all of them out of spite, and the Soviets would have just stolen them themselves. Such is the way of the barbarian.

And so, adieu to Lord of Janissaries.


Yeah, sorry, had a story get away from me.

By almost a thousand words, no less.  It took me a while to subdue it into submission.  And you know how it is, with stories; it you don’t get it all down while the creative juices are flowing, you’ll end up wishing that you had. I mean, just go ask Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Anyway, I think that I’m calling it a night tonight.  Seriously, all my creative juices are burnt out. I may just go to sleep.

It was apparently National Poetry Day in England… today? Yesterday?

The time zone thing makes this awkward. Anyway, sure, why not?  I wrote this years and years and years ago.  My old SCA Barony in the East Kingdom is Carillion, and we did bells.  So, hey, bell motif.

Here We Go, Boys – Google Docs

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There’s a Jane Austen MMO (@naominovik, call your agent)…

…and Ever, Jane looks like it does what Austen readers want it to:

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Book of the Week: Lord of Janissaries.

Lord of Janissaries is everything in the Janissaries series of ‘medieval warfare on alien planet’ that Jerry Pournelle wrote (with the collaboration of Roland Green). Alas, the recent passing of Mr. Pournelle may result in the long-awaited fourth book in the series (Malamukes) being published posthumously.  I say alas, of course, because I’d rather have Jerry Pournelle back.

And so, adieu to The Mucker.

Book of the Week: The Mucker.

The Mucker by Edgar Rice Burroughs is frankly speculative. S.M. Stirling casually referenced it in his new book The Black Chamber — which promises to be a text guaranteed to make people’s teeth grind in a most ecumenical fashion — and apparently it’s supposed to be one of ERB’s underrated works.  So, hey, I grabbed it, and I’ll read it after I finish the latest Eric Flint EARC. Why not?

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