When a post doesn’t gel,
And you’re starting to tell
That further effort is pointless;
The temptation is strong
–And I won’t say it’s wrong —
To bull through instead, relentless.

But sometimes you shouldn’t.
Or maybe you wouldn’t
Grind out some semblance of writing;
Instead, cut your losses
As the content you tosses
Your Muse today just ain’t biting.

Reminder: the Mysterion 2 Kickstarter…

…is about 16 days from completion, and they could use some more attention. As I’ve mentioned before, I liked the first Mysterion (Christian-themed speculative fiction) collection, and I wouldn’t mind trying to sell them something if Mysterion 2 funds*.  So check it out.

Moe Lane

*Regrettably, they haven’t offered to buy anything I’ve written.  Believe me, I’d be pretty open about it if they had. I’m a big believer in being paid.


Yeah, sure, that’s OK.

A sequel to Tim Burton’s 1993 stop-motion film The Nightmare Before Christmas is on the way, but it’s going to be in comic form, according to THR. Manga publisher Tokyopop has nabbed the rights for the film follow-up. In Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey, we get a chance to catch up with arguably everyone’s favorite character, Zero the ghost dog, Jack Skellington’s loyal companion. The story will be about Zero’s adventures while lost in Christmas Town.

Continue reading WHAT DO YOU MEAN, “THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS SEQUEL” comic oh never mind.

In the e-Mail: Assassin’s Price (#11, The Imager Portfolio)

Assassin’s Price is LE Modesitt’s latest book in the Imager Portfolio, which is fantasy, more or less French, and spans a technology level running from late gunpowder to the early Victorian age. I enjoy the series, but it’s not exactly one that you can just start anywhere (you should probably start with, well, Imager).  It’s of particular note for me because the viewpoint character seems to be essentially a principled schemer and plotter; he’s an ambitious heir to the throne who has to sneak around his father’s back in order to… learn how basic markets and military strategies work.  Which honestly reminds me slightly of what King George IV of England supposedly had to go through while King George III was on the throne*. Continue reading In the e-Mail: Assassin’s Price (#11, The Imager Portfolio)

The Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations Kickstarter is live.

I will probably have to explain to my wife why it was necessary to acquire the Traveler’s edition of Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations, but that’s my problem and not yours.  At least it wasn’t the Yog-Sothoth edition, right?  $150 might be a bit much… to explain as a household expense: certainly acquiring a hand-tooled leather-bound edition is not even remotely difficult to justify on aesthetic grounds.

Anyway, grab ’em while high-end copies are still available as funding tiers. I certainly did.

Reminder: new Tour De Lovecraft Kickstarter tomorrow.

And, again: the first volume of Tour De Lovecraft is worth the eight bucks on Kindle.  The urge to sell my print copy at those ridiculous prices is nigh-insurmountable, too.  Fortunately, I think I can persevere.