01/08/2019 Book Report.

Got distracted by delayed school opening, but got some stuff done.

  • Revised a couple of fight scenes.
  • Added some supplementary world-building detail.
  • New word count: 63.4K words.

This looks like an 80K word book instead of a 90K one. I think that’s wise.

01/07/2019 Book Report.

Did a few things.

  • Wrote about four hundred words or so for a new opening.
  • Freaked out about how much editors cost.
  • Calmed down, asked around, figured out that editing websites like to freak new writers out about editing to get them to spend money.
  • Still realized that editing was probably going to be an expense. And maps.

I also dealt with an early school dismissal (and the shutdown of the federal government in DC), so I didn’t do a few things more. Tomorrow.

Maps in books. How do people feel about them?

I ask because I think that the book probably needs a map of the city and environs, as well as a map of the country. My wife thinks that it does not, given that the locations were all set pieces. I do see her point, but I also see mine. And on the gripping hand, people who make maps for fantasy novels gotta eat, too*.

Thoughts? Also, where do I go to get maps made that aren’t crap? Is there a standard industry price? I’m gonna need somebody who can hit a deadline.

Moe Lane

*I think my philosophy here is that I will be on a budget, but I’m not gonna be cheap.