Amazon buys MGM for 8.5 billion…

presumably. The antitrust folks are already starting to go a little pop-vein on the subject, and while such issues are beyond the scope of this blog now they’re still there. And understandably: with MGM’s library Amazon can compete in the Streaming Wars, and it’s in an unique place for selling you physical stuff while it’s giving you access to said library. I don’t know how much that’s worth, but it’s probably worth something.

Other than that, my earlier opinion stands: meh. Somebody’s gonna buy MGM’s library, and I already have Amazon Prime.

POWERPUFF live reboot to be repiloted.

Not gonna lie, I’m not really fully up to speed on the lingo. But it certainly sounds like somebody took a look at the POWERPUFF pilot and said “This sucks:”

Powerpuff, based on the original Cartoon Network animated series, will be reworked and repiloted off-cycle. The four leads — Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault and Donald Faison — as well as other cast and the writers-producers all remain on board the project, from Warner Bros TV/Berlanti Prods.

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DC to back into the #Snyderverse with an INJUSTICE animated show?

Okay, fine, the answer is probably no. They’re just going to do the movie version of the cutscenes, or something. But you know me: always ready to stir the ordure.

And while I’m here: I personally cannot wait for the current crop of revisionist Superman stories finally plays out. I kind of feel bad for the folks who made SUPERMAN: RETURNS, honestly. They missed… the moment, the confidence of the studio, something… and then it all got abandoned when MAN OF STEEL came along. The irony is, I think the former will eventually end up being remembered as being the ‘real’ sequel to SUPERMAN II, while the latter will not get a critical reevaluation. Or something like that.

All that being said, turning the animated INJUSTICE movie into the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE sequel would be gonzo. If only to savor the outraged screams of everybody still upset that the Snyder Cut even got made.

In which Zack Snyder throws gobbets of hot, red, and dripping raw meat to @SonnyBunch. #suckerpunch

Yeah, there’s apparently a director’s cut to SUCKER PUNCH.

“I always saw it as an indictment of, in some ways, popular culture. I think at the time I was criticized for it being the opposite, like some sort of sexist like, rant, but it was fun to make and I still love it to this day. That was the first time where I really faced like a true radical restructuring of the film for it to be more commercial and there’s a director’s cut of that movie that has yet to be released. I’ll say that out loud.”

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Amazon looking to buy MGM.

Because the world of our youth is gone. Like dust in the wind…

Chatter that Amazon (and other tech and media giants) have been sniffing around MGM has circulated for some time. But sources indicated that Amazon’s interest in acquiring the studio has taken on a new tenor beyond the usual rumor mill. The deal is said to be being orchestrated by Mike Hopkins, senior VP of Amazon Studios and Prime Video, directly with MGM board chairman Kevin Ulrich, whose Anchorage Capital is a major MGM shareholder.

(Via GeekTyrant) The offering price is reported 9 billion, which coincidentally also answers the question Just how much money is MGM’s library worth, anyway? Despite the melodrama above, I’m actually more or less unbothered by this. More accurately, I recognize that the current model of as-close-to-endless-copyright-as-we-can-manage requires that all streamable movies and TV shows will end up being owned by some corporation — and I already have Amazon Prime. So shine on, you crazy diamond.