The phrase “biologically accurate depiction” is problematical.

Although the picture is a bit more reassuring in that regard.


The giant lobster of Plantation Key found its new home Friday morning in the Florida Keys. Betsey, who stands three stories tall, is now out in front of the Rain Barrel Artisan Village shopping complex at mile marker 86.7 of U.S. 1.

Betsey is made of metal and fiberglass. She is a detailed, biologically accurate depiction of a female spiny lobster.

Mostly because it drives home the lesson that just because a lobster may have female naughty bits doesn’t mean that you’re going to recognize them on sight. Which is a very strange sort of lesson, but then: it’s Key West. Those guys have turned secession into a The Mouse that Roared-style tourist attraction, so none of this is precisely out of character.

The cherry trees were indeed blossoming…

…and, look! The Internet survived my being away from it for most of the day!  Good start to the birthday weekend.

I’m going to go geek here for the rest of the day, so I’d appreciate it if nobody political does anything stupid enough for me to be forced to take official notice of it. Much obliged.

And now, some appropriate music:

Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer

It being spring, after all.

Wasn’t Burn After Reading supposed to be good?

I pretty much gave up after a half an hour, looked up the plot, and ejected the DVD. Which is weird: I like most of the actors in that film: but it just didn’t work for me at all. Maybe because I didn’t really like any of the characters?

No, I don’t know why I think that anyone else would particularly care if I liked a movie or not.

Battle Pope.

battlepopeBattle Pope. A quite impressively blasphemous comic book series, not to mention: crude; disrespectful; addicted to shock value; quite graphic on a number of interlocking levels; and possessed of a low and puerile manner that is completely incompatible with those of refined tastes and breeding. Its sole redeeming value is that, in point of fact, it’s hysterical. At least the first volume is: comic books were the first thing that got chopped from the budget.

I bring this up here because a recent conversation brought it to mind and I try to be unapologetic here about who I am and what I like. That works both ways. Besides, if Cynthia Yockey can get away with egging on conservative jello wrestling matches I figure that the tone’s not going to get any lower.

Moe Lane