Mostly, that I’ve gotten up to Chapter 13 back from my alpha reader (about half, in terms of wordcount). The current plan is to chew through the edits thus far this weekend, killing a darling in the process. I have been persuaded that it, while good, simply does not work when it’s being said by the character in question.

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I need to track down my poetry.

My mom wants copies of all of it, and damned if I remember where I put some of it. Does anybody remember if I did Halloween poems for 2020 and 2019? My tags are… not as good as they could be.

Moe Lane

PS: Is there any interest in a poetry chapbooHAHAHAHA what a silly question, Moe. What a silly question. I’m gonna need people to buy a lot of books to be able to fund that…


What kind of day was it?

It was the kind of day where this was probably the best thing I wrote today:

All @NightValeRadio‘s fault, although in retrospect I possibly shouldn’t have started by rewriting the first limerick ever so slightly. I make no apologies for the proper* limerick afterward, though. I flatter myself that it’s not half bad for a first draft.

Moe Lane

*If it’s not filthy – or at least dirty – then it’s not a proper limerick.

The Penny Arcade-inspired e-racing Sea Shanty.

Special thanks to my wife, who told me what the major problem with the piece was (I was trying to rhyme ‘gone’ and ‘won’), and Penny Arcade racing Discord member FreemFTW, who told me how to fix it (replace ‘gone’ with ‘done’). It’s not final draft form, but you can see it from here.

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