The ‘How long will Moe last before he scrounges up another $260?’ DELTA GREEN: THE CONSPIRACY Kickstarter.

Funny story: yesterday, while I was getting prepped for surgery, the anesthesiologist told me that I should avoid driving, operating heavy machinery, and impulse buys. My wife, who knows me very, very well, said, That means no Kickstarters, hon. I laughed and agreed.


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DELTA GREEN: IMPOSSIBLE LANDSCAPES is the King in Yellow supplement*, and I am sure it will be the perfect book to leaf through during my post-surgical recovery. …Okay, so that is how a cosmic horror story starts. But this is real life.

…Dammit, still doing it.

Moe Lane

*And thank God for Kickstarters, because these books are gonna be expensive.

Oh, God. The DELTA GREEN: THE CONSPIRACY Kickstarter is going to be painful.

The DELTA GREEN: THE CONSPIRACY Kickstarter is going to be the 25th anniversary edition of the original DELTA GREEN setting, and the question is: how many minutes before it gets funded? My only hope — MY ONLY HOPE — is that the stretch goals and higher tiers involve stuff I’ve already bought, because it’s gonna have all new art and layout and they’ll clean up some of the details and… look. There’s a reason why my copy of the first edition is probably worth at least five hundred bucks. And it’s well-used.

The night at the opera starts 08/09.

The Borellus Connection (Fall of Delta Green) is now on pre-order.

This looks promising: The Borellus Connection is a campaign for The Fall of DELTA GREEN, using the heroin trade and the BNDD as a narrative spine. The campaign runs from South-East Asia to the Middle East to Europe, as the Agents uncover the sinister machinations of a necromantic cult.

BNDD stands for “Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs;” they eventually became the DEA, more or less. And I’ve always wanted to write up the DEA for In Nomine, because God knows those poor SOBs would end up getting sent every weird-ass case involving hyper-strength, bullet sponges, and mass hallucinations. I imagine it’d be the same in THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN, only more so. At least some of the rampaging celestial invaders in In Nomine are nice.


AS the title suggests, THE BORELLUS CONNECTION is a Fall of Delta Green campaign where you can do French Connection-style Mythos investigations. Most nifty. Not yet released, which is less nifty, but such is life.

In the Mail: Delta Green: LABYRINTH.

My early copy of LABYRINTH is from the Delta Green Kickstarter, and it will be just the thing for an afternoon’s idle diversion. It’s a collection of Mythos-tainted or about to be tainted groups that can be inserted into campaigns, and as usual I find the tone relaxing, in a ‘Horror at Red Hook’ sort of way. I find that I like a layer of separation between me and my horror*. It keeps it all nice and tidy.

Still, if the stuff that does scare John Scott Tynes also scares you then by all means: check it out. Labyrinth is quite well written.

Moe Lane

*I don’t really write about the things that scare me, do I? I guess that’s why my horror seems determined to always become fantasy. Interesting.

Delta Green’s BLACK SITES supplement looks nice.

Expensive, but nice.

I already have most of this in PDFs, at least.

Trying to decide what to run NEXT @WashingCon.

So far my list of possibles are:

  • Reverse-Mage: the Ascension (Technocracy as good guys)
  • Delta Chartreuse (Toon-Delta Green hybrid; yes, this exists)
  • New edition Vampire: the Masquerade
  • Unknown Armies’ (Sleepers or The New Inquisition)
  • Rocky & Bullwinkle (ditto)

I suspect that Delta Chartreuse is just gonna happen, period. Assuming that I can find that Pyramid article (it was Volume 2, thus strictly online, and good luck finding it now! You’d think that they’d sell access to that archive, though…