Oh, they’re doing a CUPHEAD Netflix show.

My younger kid loves CUPHEAD, or more accurately the plushies. There’s not a chance in Hell I’m letting him play that game, since it was apparently designed by Satan to give his demons a proper hand-eye coordination workout. Hopefully the TV show will be something the kids can watch safely…

Frightreads Book Festival! (October 2)

The Frightreads Book Festival is in Severna Park, MD on October 2, and I’m in the process of trying to get a vendor table for it. I am, after all, a self-published author of fantasy and horror fiction, and I should have even more books available by the festival date. The new chapbook DECISIONS in particular will have one of my better Mythos stories in it; I really need to get cracking on getting that one spun up to speed. Oh, well, once the kids are out of school I’ll have more free time.

Snippet, Don’t Know What This Is Yet.

Blame this.

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The “Microsoft, You Majestic SOBs” OUTER WORLDS 2 trailer.

This is… this is perfect. It is a beautifully self-aware deconstruction of the typical AAA videogame teaser release, despite the fact that it came out under the imprimatur of Xbox; and it utterly fits the heavily satirical worldview of the first OUTER WORLDS, despite the fact (again) that Obsidian got acquired by Microsoft. This trailer has managed to somehow make me excited for the sequel despite the fact (one last time) it told me it was aiming to do just that, with a cynicism so pure, so clean, that I am refreshed.

Whoever came up with this trailer deserves a raise. And free wings on Friday night.

Tweet of the Day, I Suspect Elephants Are Pre-Sapient edition.

We really, really need to work out what to do about elephants, long-term. And higher primates. And cetaceans. And octopuses, since I’m going through the Uplift list.

Via @CalebHowe.

I am not very excited for E3 this year.

It was nice hearing about the new Bethesda RPG, but the stuff I want to know about mostly involve DLC. I’d like updates on Cyberpunk 2077 and Outriders, and maybe some clarity about Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. I’m not getting any of that this week.

And, God help me, I don’t want to know about new Mass Effect or Dragon Age titles. Not until Bioware gets its head on a swivel. After a certain point, you’re just enabling its bad behavior; and I think we reached that point a while back… what? Yes, I bought the remaster. It doesn’t make me wrong, just slightly weak.

Patreon Microfiction: Ill-Chosen From The Slain.

Nobody ever asks the warriors if they want to go to Valhalla. The people in ‘Ill-Chosen From The Slain’ will likely regret that, at some point. It’s a shame I have no burning urge to write military fantasy fiction…