The November Patreon stuff is up!

Getting that short story out was like pulling teeth. I mean, it’s been in my damn hard drive for years. I just needed enough spite and aggravation to finally finish it.

  • Short Story: Walk Away. Because “Thus Do I Refute Omelas” as a title was possibly just a little too on the nose. I knew going in that you’re not supposed to write polemics, only I decided that I just didn’t give a damn.
  • RPG Material: Hex Nation, Part 3b: Shattered Mexico. I actually didn’t consider the balance there until I sat down to write it, but I think it works fairly well.

Onward to December!

“Go for the hard drive, Boo! Go for the hard drive!”

The account I saw this on is protected, so I can’t H/T it, but dear LORD.

…Have we thought about maybe doing better optimization of game code? Or any optimization for size? I know Moore’s Law is still hanging in there, but there’s a limit to how far we can go. Planck’s, if nobody else’s.

Tweet of the Day, This Rings True edition.

I find the parent issue appalling, in ways that I no longer talk about here. This comment, on the other hand, is good on its own merits:

It’s also true.

Weirdness with my headphones.

They work fine on my phone, but when I plug them into my computer I can get either one side working, or the other. When I test them in Sound and have my speakers on, I get sound first from one speaker, then one side of the headphone. I’m updating my GeForce drivers now, because that particular magic spell often works like a charm to fix minor curses on my computer, but if that doesn’t work [UPDATE: it did not!] I’m gonna need more puissant wizardries.


Tweet of the Day, Weird Al Puts The Boot In On Spotify edition.

I mean, yes, it’s a massive exaggeration. Weird Al makes a lot more than twelve bucks a month on Spotify. But, from what I’ve heard, a lot more people than you think only make twelve bucks a month on Spotify.

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The TINSEL RAIN audiobook fund: at 44%!

I’ve calculated the money I need to bring in every month in order to keep my publishing schedule on track, and this month represents a good enough month that I could take the extra and put it towards an audiobook fund. We are now at 44% to get the audiobook for TINSEL RAIN made! …Well, 44% of the way to the first half. Once I have that, I can figure out where I’m gonna find the second half.

In the meantime, feel free to buy the audiobook for FROZEN DREAMS. That’ll help a lot with this. Besides, Christmas is coming up! And what better gift, than me?


The TORG ESSENTIALS and TORG COSMS 2 Bundles of Holding.

I never got to play TORG in first edition, and after I picked up TORG ESSENTIALS in the Kickstarter I never got to play that, too. And now, here we are, with the TORG COSMS 2 Bundle of Holding.

Yeah, we all know how this ends. I dunno. Maybe I can play it in Heaven, or something? That would actually be rather… nice. Sounds a bit better wandering around on a cloud, with a harp I can’t play.

The OPPENHEIMER Honest Trailer.

It’s not bad, although I think Honest Trailers probably should have skipped the joke about the lack of Japanese/Native American viewpoints. Either would have frankly been irrelevant to the main thrust of OPPENHEIMER: worse, they would have felt irrelevant to the movie. If a director doesn’t want to put something into a film, sometimes it’s pragmatically good to just, well, accept that. Art is what it is, not what you want it to be.

Well, unless you’re the artist yourself. And sometimes, not even then.