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…on the sidebar, I guess that I’ll have to load my own.

We’ll start off by replacing the Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation) ad with Momfidence!: An Oreo Never Killed Anybody and Other Secrets of Happier Parenting, which was an absolute sanity-saver when I read it during my wife’s pregnancy. It’s an excellent antidote to Overeager Parent Syndrome, and I think that anybody with kids or expecting them should read it.

I can also recommend Pregnancy Sucks For Men: What to Do When Your Miracle Makes You BOTH Miserable, which was likewise a lifesaver. I never read its “prequel” Pregnancy Sucks: What to Do When Your Miracle Makes You Miserable, for fairly obvious reasons…

I’m sorry. Red Dawn shouldn’t be on this list.

I’ve seen Red Dawn more times than I can count when I was a kid, and this is back in the day when that meant watching it on VHS, but ye gods and little fishes! – that movie was awful. I don’t care what NRO thinks.  Personally, I’d add Iron Man to the list, but only because doing so thoroughly mocks the antiwar movement’s ultimately unsuccessful attempt to list cowardice and hypocrisy among the American virtues.

Via RS McCain.  I have no quibbles with either of his additions.

Moe Lane

PS: I hear that World In Conflict absolutely rocks as a video game, though.


What? I like awful, sometimes.

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OK, so they’re breaking the back of the common cold, now.

Clearly I need to start reading Fark’s Geek tag, because it keeps telling me welcome things like this:

Scientists decode genomes of all known rhinoviruses, first step towards cure

TORONTO – Scientists have decoded the genetic blueprints of all known strains of rhinoviruses – a.k.a. the common cold.

The ambitious project, the results of which were published Thursday, should fast-forward efforts to combat these viral nuisances. But the vast genetic variation seen across the various strains suggests it is unlikely pharmaceutical scientists could concoct one single drug to treat all versions, the senior author of the study admitted.

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Well, Senator Burris (D-IL) is from Illinois.

Let’s just say that the Democratic Party over there has a history of this sort of thing.

Annnnd that would be perjury:

Blago hit up Burris for cash
EXCLUSIVE | In his third sworn version of events, senator confirms pitch for donations

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s brother solicited U.S. Sen. Roland Burris for up to $10,000 in campaign cash before Blagojevich named Burris to the coveted post — something Burris initially failed to disclose under oath before an Illinois House impeachment panel, records and interviews show.

Burris (D-Ill.) acknowledges being hit up for the money in a new affidavit he has sent to the head of the House committee that recommended Blagojevich be removed from office.

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Harold Ford Jr. has tax issues?

It’d be a bit of a surprise to me if he did – I’ve heard a bit about the man, but nothing along those lines – but he’s a Democrat being considered for a Cabinet post (Commerce*), so you’ll understand why I’m asking.

(H/T: Glenn Reynolds)

Moe Lane

PS: Harold Ford does not have a “Merrill problem.”  There are apparently people who are making it a point to make sure that this is known, so I thought that I’d just pass it on.

*Otherwise known as the “fugu fish of the Obama Cabinet.”

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Is Grace Napolitano (D, CA-38) playing a grift?

Via RedState Reader dld717 we are alerted to this somewhat sordid tale of Rep. Napolitano and her perpetual loan to herself:

Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) — During a decade in Congress, California Representative Grace Napolitano has pocketed more than $200,000 of political contributions by charging as much as 18 percent interest on money she loaned to her own campaign.

The suburban Los Angeles Democrat made the $150,000 loan in 1998, when she was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Through Dec. 31, her campaign committee has used donations to pay Napolitano $221,780 of interest while reducing the principal by just $64,727, a review of her Federal Election Commission filings shows.

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Ah. Push.

I’ll add an additional reason to Ken Hite‘s observation of why you (apparently incorrectly) decided to give Push a pass:

You may remember Push as the movie whose preview made you go: “I saw that movie already, and it was called Jumper, and it sprang for Samuel L. Jackson instead of Djimon Hounsou, and it still sucked.” Well, this is what we in the rhetoric business call “poisoning the well.”

…the official website is obnoxious as all get-out. I had to go find a copy of the trailer on YouTube.

…It didn’t look that bad, actually. Ken says that it’s nifty, and there’s definitely something to be said for psionic shenanigans in Hong Kong, particularly if they involve a techno beat and a lot of gun fu. Guess Feng Shui‘s going to have to write a new gaming supplement…