So, Netflix canceled 1899 after one season.

Like Netflix do. I’m not gonna lie, though: I’m not entirely upset about it. I enjoyed the first one, because 1899 was a legitimately creepy and weird little alternate-perception show (that you really should watch with subtitles*). It had its reveal, the reveal was cool, the second season had an excellent chance of being a disappointment. From an artistic point of view, better to end it at a dramatic moment.

Of course, I wasn’t counting on a paycheck from the show. I suspect that the actors and production crew might have a different opinion about how things went down.

Moe Lane

*I missed at first that there were two versions: one where everybody spoke English, and one where everybody spoke their own languages and nobody was a polyglot. I had to backtrack and rewatch the subtitled version from the start, because it completely changed the tone and flow of conversations.

1899 is pretty good and kept me watching it.

But 1899 is strange. No spoilers, and seriously try to avoid them until at least the last episode. There’s a lot of creepiness going on throughout, and it’s a lot more ‘atmospheric horror’ than it is ‘blood and gore.’ All in all, it got my interest early on and kept it. 1899 may not be your cup of tea, though.

Moe Lane

PS: I can’t really talk about the genre of horror that it is without spoiling the whole thing for you. Sorry. This is one time I was glad to resist temptation and not find out in advance what was going on.

Just watched the first episode of 1899 on Netflix.

1899 is very odd and definitely creepy. It’s been noted on Facebook that this show so far has a definite Call of Cthulhu RPG vibe to it with the characters we’ve seen so far, which I can see. I dunno if it’s going to be cosmic horror, but it might be science horror. That will, as they say, do.

The whole thing is on Netflix, and it looks like they dropped the whole series at once. Check it out.