You know, 2009 was not a *bad* year…

…after all, my second child was born in it, which alone would make the year worthwhile.  But it’s a year that I would have otherwise fast-forwarded through if I had been given the opportunity.  I’ve been thinking about 2010 since November 5, 2008, and the only things that kept 2009 from being the Star Trek III of the decade were the NJ/VA state elections.  And now 2010 is almost here, and I have to switch gears.  It’s… odd.

Or else just ‘the deep breath before the plunge.’

Moe Lane

2009 seems to have been an unpopular choice for Year of the Future.

There was Freejack

…which was promisingly got-2009-comprehensively-wrong; and then there was Super Dimension Fortress Macross, which was superficially better at calling our modern era…

…up to the entire ‘mecha’ and ‘alien invasion’ thing.  But other than that, not so much.

Any others I’m missing?

Moe Lane