#rsrh Rick Moody tugs on Frank Miller’s… cowl.

(Via Althouse, via Instapundit) I have to admit, I find this funny.

So. Frank Miller – who has become incredibly, publicly, and gloriously cranky ever since 300 and Sin City gave him sufficient mojo to do so –  wrote a little screed called ‘Anarchy‘ that pretty much told the Occupiers to get off of the streets and back into their parents’ basements where they wouldn’t get in the way.  As you might imagine, being told off by a comic book writer has annoyed quite a few people – not least the aforementioned Occupiers, given that they don’t want to move back into their parents’ basements (where they belong) – but not everybody took it to the level of Rick MoodyContinue reading #rsrh Rick Moody tugs on Frank Miller’s… cowl.

Umm… didn’t most of them die?

Well, except Boromir Faramir (thanks, AoSHQ), of course. Via @phxgonline:

‘300’ Sequel Officially in the Works
Legendary Pictures, the production company behind the 2007 blockbuster 300, has confirmed the inevitable: Development of a sequel is underway.

Well, maybe they’re all in Tartarus or something, and the 300 have to break out and march back across Hell to the upper world in order to save the Athenians’ bacon at Marathon. Sort of Anabasis meets Doom.


Yeah, actually, that does sound pretty cool.

Moe Lane

I admit that the war rhino was a bit much…

(300, and with apologies to Brother Pejman)

…but as Dan Collins helpfully notes, when it comes to expressing sentiments that offend a people we’ll see you a “over the top, digitally enhanced midriff sporting, completely anachronistic Spartan soldiers versus the Fetishist Horde” and raise you a “kill the Jews.”

Just saying, Ahmadinejad regime.  Just saying.

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