#rsrh QotD, This Sounds Like Good Advice edition.

Glenn Reynolds, offering advice to the guy that ABC News slimed today:

If I were the Tea Party Holmes, I’d have my lawyer talking to ABC right now. My terms: Groveling apology to be repeated on at least two national newscasts, plus This Week and all Colorado affiliates. Plus $250K in damages. No apology by tonight, and the demand goes to $5 million. Oh, and guys, be sure to preserve all records, browser histories, etc. for litigation. . . .

Don’t let them get away with We’re sorry if anyone was upset, either.  No, the proper apology is We’re sorry because we did something wrong.

#rsrh Great Googley Moogley… it is APRIL, ABC News.

It is April of 2011.  We do not actually need to have everybody and his/her brother/sister declaring for the freaking Republican nomination, simply because Barack Obama needed to declare as early as possible that he was running so that he can get a head start on raising money.

I understand that you’re bored with Obama already, ABC – even if you’d rather gargle lava than admit it.  But that’s not my party’s fault. We’ll get around to having a nomination race on our own terms, and in our own sweet time.  Until then, go report on inflation/Syria/high energy prices/high food prices/unemployment… ah.  I see the problem, there.


Moe Lane

PS: And if you don’t like reporting on Donald Trump, well, stop.

ABC News: Hey, about that severability clause thing…

oddly enough, they’re now noting in an update to their original post that, contra Senator Bill Nelson of Florida*, the lack of a severability clause in Obamacare is both: conspicuous; and a major factor in Judge Vinson’s decision.  Which you already knew, because you read about it first either at MoeLane, or at RedState.  And apparently, so does somebody over at ABC News**.

Still, let me not be unkind about this, given that they actually fixed the mistake and didn’t also try to memory-hole it.  So, let me be among the first to congratulate ABC News for its timely correction to the record; we at Redstate are always happy to help another media outlet correct, and learn from, their mistakes.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

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